Every group has suffered injustices and pain inflicted by others. No one group has a monopoly on pain. By delving into the pain and studying it, we can come to understand its roots and try to eradicate its causes.

The Holocaust has become one of the most documented genocides. In studying eyewitness accounts we can investigate a five-and-a-half year war directed against a particular people – the Jews of Europe – and the implications of how human beings, in the absence of an ethical law, can treat other human beings.

The Holocaust Memoir Digest consists of the detailed summaries of the published memoirs of Holocaust survivors. For some survivors, the need to write their eyewitness accounts began as soon as the war ended; for others, it is their advancing years that have created the impetus to publish their personal testimonies. These memoirs have become a vast body of knowledge, which the Holocaust Memoir Digest presents in an organized and easy-to-use format.

Quotations from each memoir convey the experiences, personality, and perspective of the author in a concise, comprehensive and absorbing manner. Twenty-six topics cover such aspects as Jewish home and community life before the war, the establishment of ghettos, acts of resistance, hidden children, the help given by non-Jews, the stories of individuals, and liberation.

The Holocaust Memoir Digest shows the range of experiences, over a wide geographic area, through the eyes of the individual, as can be seen in the sample quotations on this website.

A Study Guide examines questions for discussion within each topic. Thirty specially drawn colour maps – a sampling of them shown on the website – enable teachers and their students to explore the geographic range of the Holocaust: the deportations, camps, and death marches, as well as a country-by-country listing of the number of survivors, and non-Jews in every European country who were recognized for saving Jewish lives.

The first three volumes of the Holocaust Memoir Digest, an ongoing project, are now available in published form. The volumes can be purchased through this website, from Please click here, or on the link to your left to purchase. Canadian buyers are invited to order through McNally Robinson click here.