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You may search the Holocaust Memoirs in three different ways:

Select "Search the Memoirs" to view a description of each of the memoirs included in Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Holocaust Memoir Digest. Each description includes particulars of author, publication date in English, and a brief summary of the book's focus. A sample of Holocaust Digest Memoir maps are available as PDF files for viewing. Click on the button to purchase the Volume of Holocaust Memoir Digest in which the memoir is included. The memoir itself can also be purchased at Amazon.

Select "Search by Topic" to view all twenty-six topics on which the Holocaust Memoir Digest is based. Select a Topic and a list of memoirs is presented with a summary of each book and its particulars, and a reference as to which Volume of the Digest that memoir is included. Sample quotations from the Digest are shown that relate to the selected topic. Each Volume of the Digest includes quotations under the relevant topics from that memoir.

Select "Search by Place" to enter a European place name. This category will tell you in which memoirs the Place you are Searching is mentioned. In the Volumes of the Holocaust Memoir Digest, all of the Places mentioned in a memoir are noted, along with the page number on which each is first mentioned, and a map or maps showing the European places mentioned in that memoir.

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