“ A prime tool for teaching the Holocaust.”
Herman Wouk

“Your idea is good - and urgent.”
Elie Wiesel

“A serious contribution for deepening the understanding of the Holocaust for both students and teachers alike.”
Professor Haim Shaked
University of Miami

“With this project Esther Goldberg makes heard those voices that transform all of us into witnesses. Its importance cannot be overstated. ”
Professor David Patterson
University of Memphis

"The Holocaust Memoir Digest is a wonderful resource. I have found this book to be particularly useful in my work outside the United States, particularly in places such as Rwanda and Colombia, where I have used testimony extensively to develop a more personal and individual account of the Holocaust. The Holocaust Memoir Digest allows me to talk about life before the Holocaust as well as the conditions of the genocide itself. Working in areas where violence and conflict are part of the recent past--or daily life--I find that testimony is especially valued and relevant."
Karen Murphy
Director of the International Program
Facing History and Ourselves

“...invaluable not only to scholars, teachers, and students of the Holocaust, but to parents searching for ways to make the Holocaust accessible to their children.”
Ruth Gruber
Hadassah Magazine